Here is some information for Americans living abroad ONLY on filing taxes, filing FBARs and dealing with FATCA (as of 27 February 2015):

1) To find tax preparers abroad you can browse here:

2) Websites to find more details on taxes and filing from abroad, as well as FATCA and banking information:

3) Have you earned enough money to need to file your U.S. taxes? Check here:

4) At Finanzamt Graz,  the person who knows about the Double Taxation Treaty between Austria and the U.S. is Frau Sabine Mayer (office on the right as you walk in the main info room). She can also provide you with a Certificate of Residence (Ansässigkeitserklärung) if you need it (for example for self-employment tax exemption).

5) If you want to become a member of Democrats Abroad Austria (there is no official "Graz Chapter" like there is in Salzburg, so you just join the general Austria one), click here to register. It's free and has nothing to do with your voting record!

You can also follow DAA on Facebook for basic information (but fewer emails).