Keeping Pets in Graz


New or seasoned pet owner? Find out what rules and regulations must be followed in Graz as well as where the best pet stores and resources are in town!

First Time Dog Owners Beware:

The Graz city government requires all first time dog owners to both register their pets and take an informational course (Hundekundenachweis) about canine basics. The course is offered periodically throughout the year and you must sign up (in person, over the phone or online) ahead of time and pay the course fee of 40 Euros. Once completed, you must present proof of attendence (Zertifikat) as well as your insurance which covers any damage your pooch may cause. The good news for owners of all other pets - cats, fish, you name it - is that there are no registrations or courses needed.

Some German Words Explained:

Some signs you might see around Graz say: LeinenpflichtMaulkorb or Hundekot-Säckchen-Spender. What does this mean? Leinenpflicht means dogs are required to stay on the leash in this area. This even applies to stairwells in your apartment complex! Maulkorb is a muzzle, which must be worn by all dogs when using the public transport system or trains. Don't forget to buy a 1/2 priced ticket for your pooch when taking the tram or bus. Keep your eyes out for the 500+ Hundekot-Säckchen-Spender or Gackerl-Sackerl doggie-do-bag dispensers with free plastic sacks.

Local Pet Stores and Resources in Graz:

Obedience School: Hundeschule

Veterinarian: Tierarzt can help you register your pet's chip number into the appropriate system and make sure all necessary vaccines are up-to-date.

Find the closest dog park (Hundewiese) and dog friendly zone (Hundezone) to you.

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