Having a baby in graz?


You’re pregnant! Take some time to enjoy this miracle...

...But not too long, because BUREAUCRACY awaits!


Here is a timeline (more or less), of the steps you need to take, starting from the first pregnancy test:


1. Make an appointment with your gynecologist.

(If you don't already have one, find one close to you who takes your insurance here.)


2. Inform your employer (at the latest 12 weeks before due date)

  • Photocopy the page of your Mutter-Kind-Pass, including the expected due date and doctor’s stamp.

  • You cannot get fired while pregnant (Kündigungsschutz).

  • If you do heavy lifting, come in contact with dangerous materials, or have an otherwise physically demanding job, you may be eligible for early maternity leave (Frühkarenz).

  • Check with your employer/Arbeiterkammer about other restrictions (overtime work, breaks, etc.)


3. Determine time frame of Maternity Protection Period (Mutterschutz)

  • Begins 8 weeks before your due date

  • Ends 8 weeks after birth (12 weeks after C-section, premature birth or multiples)

  • Beschäftigungsverbot: not allowed to work, except self-employed/freelancers

  • Inform your health insurance provider (send same Mutter-Kind-Pass confirmation) in order to receive benefits


4. Register for Maternity Allowance (Wochengeld)

For the period of Mutterschutz: 8 weeks before and after birth. Register with your health-insurance provider (GKK, BVA, SVA, etc) around 8 weeks before your due date! (Figures as of 2018):

  • For employees: Based on the last 3 months’ salary (net)

  • For marginally employed (geringfügig): 9,10 Euro per day (273 per month)

  • For freelancers (freie Dienstnehmerinnen): income-dependent

  • For self-employed (Selbständige): 53,11 Euro per day (1593 per month)

  • For unemployed (Arbeitslose): 180% of last salary

  • For mothers obtaining childcare allowance (Kinderbetreuungsgeld): depends on model

–Money is generally transferred monthly after the month’s end                       


5. Consider parental leave (Elternkarenz) options

Note: The length of parental leave is INDEPENDENT of the amount of childcare allowance received!!

  • Parents may take leave until the child’s 2nd birthday, if they live in the same household with the child.

  • Starts after the Mutterschutz period (can add vacation days)

  • Must last at least 2 months

  • Employer must be notified by the end of the Mutterschutz (8 weeks after birth)

  • Can be extended if notice is given 3 months before the end of leave

  • You and your employer must sign a written confirmation of the start and duration of leave

Sharing parental leave between two parents

  • Leave may be split between two parents

  • May only be split 3 ways (e.g.: Mother 6 months / father 3 months / mother 3 months)

  • Both parents may not take leave at the same time, except to overlap for 1 month during the first “switch”

  • Each parent may postpone 3 months of leave until the child turns 7 years (however, you do not have the same job protections during this time, i.e. you can be fired!)

You may work at your employer or for another employer while taking parental leave, but can only earn up to 438,05 Euro per month (Geringfügigkeitsgrenze)! *Can exceed this limit for 13 weeks of the year.

5b. Consider additional leave for fathers: Familienzeit, Papamonat, Vaterkarenz

For births after March 1, 2017, a one-month leave “Papamonat" is possible

  • Apply for funding “Familienzeitbonus”, roughly 700 EUR per month

  • For one month, within the first 8 weeks immediately following birth of the child

  • If Familienzeitbonus is used, this amount will be deducted from the Kinderbetreuungsgeld later on


6. Consider childcare allowance (Kinderbetreuungsgeld) options

Remember (again!): Childcare allowance is INDEPENDENT of the amount of time you leave work!!

Requirements for receiving childcare allowance:

  • Receive Familienbeihilfe

  • "Lebensmittelpunkt", more or less the main residence, of parent and child is in Austria

  • Shared residence with child

  • Mutter-Kind-Pass check-ups done

  • Do not earn over the limit

  • For non-citizens: a legal residence in Austria or fulfilling asylum-based requirements

Two options: Flat-rate (pauschal) Kinderbetreuungsgeld-Konto or income-based (einkommensabhängig)

Income-based childcare allowance

  • 80% of your calculated Wochengeld per month, or

  • 80% of the average income for the last 3 months before the start of Mutterschutz period

  • Maximum 66 EUR per day (1980 EUR per month)

  • Duration: until the child turns 12 months old; optional 2 more months for a second parent

For more information, click here.

To calculate the amount you would receive, go to the online-calculator here (German only).

Flat-rate childcare allowance (Kinderbetreuungsgeld-Konto/KBG-Konto)

  • You choose how long you want the money to be distributed: between 365 days and 851 days from day of birth of child

  • Roughly 12365 EUR total

  • 365 days = 33,88 EUR per day

  • 851 days = 14,53 EUR per day

  • If two parents are taking leave, each model adds additional days (365+91 days or up to 851+212 days)

  • For each additional multiple, you get 50% more

For more information, click here.

To calculate the amount you would receive, go to the online-calculator here (German only).

Childcare allowance exceptions

  • Low-income families (one partner earns <6,100 EUR per year and the other <16,200 EUR per year) and single parents earning <6,100 EUR per year can claim an additional 180 EUR per month

  • What you can earn while receiving childcare allowance depends on a few factors

For more information on exceptions and extra benefits, click here.


6b. Register for childcare allowance (KBG)


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