Finding an Apartment in Graz


They say there is no place like home. Since you are making Graz your new home, let us help as you search for (and find) that apartment or house you will soon be settling down in.

There are several helpful websites and resources out there to assist you in your search for a new home in Graz. However, since most, if not all, of these resources are only available in German, we'll help you decipher the key words, taking you one step closer to find what you're looking for.

Key words to know:

Mietwohnung: apartment for rent

Haus zu verkaufen: house for sale

Mietkauf: rent to buy

Kaution: security deposit, often noted as 2MM meaning 2 months' rent deposit

Miete: rent

Provision: relator's commission which is sometimes negotiable, so ask!

Vergebührung: extra fees to the financial authorities

Hausordnung: list of rules for all residents in a building

Altbau: built prior to World War II, generally have high ceilings

Neubau: newly constructed building

Heizung: heating - there are many types:

Fernwärme - teleheating / long-distance heating

Nachtspeicheheizung - night storage heating (the heater charges only at night, for lower cost, but never during the day)

Ölheizung - oil heating system

Kachelofen - tiled stove typically fed with wood


Online Resources for Apartments and Houses:

Online Resources for Shared Apartments (WGs):


Check out the local newspapers for housing listings (Anzeige or Annoncen)

die Kleine Zeitung, die Fundgrube, die Kronen Zeitung, der Grazer

Residential Building Management Companies and Associations:


The German word for realtor is Makler and a real estate agency is Maklerbüro or Immobilienbüro.

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