What to do After Baby has Arrived

Congratulations! Now that your little one is here, you have even more work ahead of you! :)

  • If you give birth in the public hospital (LKH), Ragnitz or St. Leonhard, someone from the Magistrat will come with forms for you to fill out for the birth certificate, residence registration and certificate of Austrian citizenship. Make sure you have the necessary documents with you in your hospital bag!
    • Learn more about the forms you need here (English).
  • If you give birth at home or leave the hospital before seeing someone from the Magistrat (e.g. over the weekend), you will have to go to the relevant authorities yourself. 
  • You can download my English table here.
  • ZWEI UND MEHR also has a helpful brochure in English and other languages.
  • The Province of Styria has a comprehensive table showing all family benefits (several of which are not mentioned on our website) to download in German here. You can pick up an English version at ZweiUndMehr.

If you need help translating information on forms or finding the relevant authorities, make an appointment now for a personal consultation.

*Note: Information and requirements can vary based on your personal situation, such as citizenship and marital status. Always verify required documents and procedures with the appropriate authorities!*


A newborn at LKH Kinderklinik.  Photo by Mark Bentley.

A newborn at LKH Kinderklinik. Photo by Mark Bentley.

Pediatrician’s visit

In Graz, you do not need to visit/find a pediatrician before the baby is born, but it's a good idea to start looking.

Mutter-Kind-Pass visits are necessary to receive childcare allowance! You will need to see a pediatrician at the following times for your Mutter-Kind-Pass:

  • 1st week – usually done in the hospital
  • 4th-7th week
  • 3rd-5th month
  • 7th-9th month
  • 10th-14th month, and so on until the child is 5 years old

Finding a pediatrician

Use the Ärztinnen und Ärztesuche website to find a pediatrician near you who takes your insurance.

  • Enter "Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde"
  • Enter your city/neighborhood
  • Enter your child's insurance provider
  • Enter the desired foreign language the doctor should speak

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