Caitlin Ahern is an American freelancer residing in Graz, Austria. She has been teaching English, and translating and editing documents and websites for a variety of businesses and public institutions in Austria since 2007.

Caitlin moved from suburban Connecticut to cosmopolitan New York, to romantic Vienna, and to rural Upper Styria, before settling in Graz in 2009. She received her B.A. from Barnard College in New York and her M.A. in international relations at the Donau-University in Krems, Austria.



Rebecca Zillinger is an American and has been living in Graz for over 10 years. She has plenty of experience moving to a new city: she has called 15 different places home, including Atlanta, Georgia; Washington, DC; and Mecklenburg, Germany.

After studying at Karl-Franzen's University of Graz and obtaining her bachelor's degree from the University of Arkansas, Rebecca has been working in Austria as a freelancer. She works with students from all walks of life and has assisted expats relocating to Graz.